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The Microbrewer of Trading Cards (continued)

Watch a Trading Card Series come to Life

by Harris Toser

The Art HustleFinal Facts & Figures

• Though only 300 boxes were produced, approximately 1,000 sheets are needed for the job. Why? Each box contains more than a full base set and SideKick is saving uncut sheets for down the road. Additionally, each artist gets a complete set from SideKick and artist’s proofs are needed as well.

• Art preparation took "weeks and weeks." Printing of the cards took two weeks, as did printing of the boxes (including die-cutting). Collating of cards and insert cards into packs and boxes for the first 100 boxes took about a month. Note other items are being worked on while this work is being done so for example, when Tom notes the printer took two weeks to print the boxes, they are working on other print jobs at the same time. When we say SideKick took a month to do their pack-out, they are not working on these eight hours a day.

• Lichtman says the part of the hand-work process that is in most need of automation is the wax wrapper. He is currently looking for someone to work with to build such a machine. Tom estimates it takes 30-45 minutes to build a box.

• Tom points out while his series may seem like an expensive box, it should be noted his boxes contain 36 packs while most others contain 24. When you consider it took the company 30-45 minutes to put that box together, boxes seem even more reasonably priced!

Look for boxes of The Art Hustle from your favorite retailer starting July 1. For more info on SideKick’s products, check out their recently revamped website at

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