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The Microbrewer of Trading Cards

Watch a Trading Card Series come to Life

by Harris Toser

The Art HustleTom Lichtman really loves the process of manufacturing trading cards. His company, SideKick Media, will release its second series of cards, entitled The Art Hustle, on July 1. Lichtman says "In a microcosm, we’re reproducing everything Topps does but on a tabletop level."

It should be noted Lichtman is also in love with the look and feel of retro trading cards; So much so he has sought out machines and printers still capable of printing cards as Topps did in the 1980s. He is even working on building and reproducing some of the machinery himself and proudly notes his series are proudly made in the USA.

SideKick, like many other smaller card producers (Monsterwax, NostalgiCards, etc.) produces a fraction of what the "big guys" produce. As such, much of the work must be done by hand and can only be done by those with a real love for trading cards. Lichtman says "It really is a labor of love. It’s like handmade cheese; it’s like artesian wine." As such, I pronounce Tom the microbrewer of trading cards!

Lichtman recently sent over a few photos of the production of The Art Hustle and I thought it was a great behind-the-scenes look into the process of printing and packaging trading cards, especially from a smaller card manufacturer. The photos focus more on the process once the printed sheets of cards roll off the printing presss. So without further ado, here’s a look at the making of The Art Hustle:

Click for The Art Hustle Photo Gallery

Click for some further Art Hustle facts & figures

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