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Munsters Mayhem - Episode Guide

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary With The Munsters: The Complete Original Series Trading Cards

by Charlie Novinskie

The Munsters: The Complete Original Series Trading Cards Everyone has his or her favorite episode of The Munsters —from Herman trying out for the baseball team to Herman souping up the Munster Koach for a drag race! And the folks at Rittenhouse Archives are providing a card set that will satisfy even the largest of munster-appetites by providing detailed information on every single episode!

Below is a guide to all seventy episodes.

Episode Number Episode Title Synopsis
1. Munster Masquerade Herman, dressed in a suit of armor, wins a masquerade contest for wearing a Frankenstein costume under the armor.
2. My Fair Munster Grandpa mixes up a love potion that ends up in the family oatmeal—making for some mixed-up emotions for Lilly, Herman, and Eddie.
3. A Walk on the Mild Side Patrons report seeing a "monster” in the park after Herman takes a walk in the park to cure his insomnia.
4. Rock-A-Bye Munster Grandpa and Herman eavesdrop on a conversation that Lily has with her doctor—and they mistakenly think Lily is pregnant.
5. Pike's Pique The gas company drills into Grandpa's lab, and the company feels that Grandpa and Herman are trying to scare them.
6. Low-Cal Munster Lily puts Herman on a low calorie diet enabling him to fit into his old army uniform in time for an army reunion.
7. Tin Can Man Eddie can escape being expelled from school if he can come up with a winning science project. The school mistakes Herman as Eddie's robot science project.
8. Herman the Great Herman plans to save money for Eddie's college fund by becoming a professional wrestler—The Masked Marvel.
9. Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie Herman's twin brother blows into town in the hopes of swindling Lily out of her $5,000 inheritance.
10. Autumn Croakus

Grandpa finds a mate through a local agency, but she turns out to be a gold-digger after Grandpa's life insurance policy.

11. The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster Herman falls asleep in the backseat of his car and is carjacked by bank robbers—Herman is implicated as an accomplice in the heist.
12. Sleeping Cutie Grandpa accidentally slips Marilyn a Sleeping beauty potion while trying to cure her insomnia. Lily runs a local ad in the paper searching for a Prince Charming.
13. Family Portrait The Munsters are chosen by Event magazine as the average American family. Grandpa takes off after being insulted by being called average.
14. Grandpa Leaves Home Grandpa, feeling neglected, leaves home. A family search finds Grandpa delivering a nightclub magic act. This is the first episode featuring Pat Priest as Marilyn.
15. Herman's Rivals Grandpa and Herman think Lily is sneaking out of the house to have a love affair. In reality, Lily has taken a part time job because she mistakenly believes Herman has lost the family savings in a bad investment.
16. Grandpa's Call of the Wild Grandpa turns himself into a wolf after hearing the call of the wild while on a camping trip.
17. All Star Munster While visiting Marilyn's college, Herman is mistaken as a student basketball star and is recruited by the college basketball coach.
18. If a Martian Answers, Hang Up Kids fool Herman into thinking he is communicating with Martians via a ham radio.
19. Eddie's Nickname Eddie wants to quit school because he is being taunted by students for being so short. Grandpa concocts a growth potion—that grows a full beard on Eddie.
20. Bats of a Feather Eddie plans to take Igor the bat to school for show and tell. When Igor comes up missing, Grandpa turns into a bat and accompanies Eddie to school—and ends up in a scientific mission to outer space.
21. Don't Bank on Herman Herman and Grandpa are mistaken for bank robbers and are given $18,000. Trying to return the money under cover of darkness, Herman and Grandpa become locked in the vault.
22. Dance With Me, Herman Herman is suckered into signing a ten-year dance school contract for 1,500 lessons. Herman mistakenly believes he has signed on to be a dance instructor.
23. Follow That Munster Herman sneaks out to practice becoming a private detective. Lily, fearing Herman is cheating, hires a detective agency—and Herman—to follow himself!
24. Love Locked Out Herman comes home late from the office party and Lily locks him out of the house. Lily and Herman independently search out marriage counselors.
25. Come Back, Little Googie Grandpa thinks he has turned Eddie's friend Googie into a monkey. (Bill Mumy, who was the original choice to play Eddie Munster, plays Googie).
26. Far-Out Munsters

The Standells appear as themselves as a rock group that rents out the Munster home in order to hide out from their fans.

27. Munsters on the Move Herman plans to relocate the family to Buffalo, but Eddie throws a temper tantrum. Now grandpa must save the house—he had already sold it to a demolition company.
28. Movie Star Munster Two con men talk Herman into signing a movie contract to star in the remake of Double Indemnity . In reality the con artists are trying to use Herman to cash in on an insurance scam.
29. Herman the Rookie Leo Durocher stars as himself as a baseball manager in search of a power hitter. Leo signs up Herman after getting hit in the head with a ball hit by Herman—from several ballparks away.
30. Country Club Munster The Munsters win a membership into the exclusive Mockingbird Heights Country Club. After an initial outing the Munsters decide that the country club isn't up to their standards.
31. Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights n the Munsters receive $180,000 from an uncle in Transylvania , the local bank manager falls in love with Marilyn—or maybe just her money.
32 Mummy Munster Herman accidently falls asleep inside a sarcophagus at the local history museum and is mistaken for a well-preserved Egyptian mummy—until he wakes up!
33. Lily Munster, Girl Munster Lily's job as a fashion model has Herman worried that she'll hook up with single men. Herman poses as a swinging playboy, and Grandpa transforms himself into Herman's beautiful, blonde girlfriend.
34. Munster the Magnificent Eddie signs Herman up as the world's greatest musician at his school's talent show. Grandpa makes a pair of magic ballet shoes that will make anyone that wears them a gifted dancer—even Herman!
35. Herman's Happy Valley

Herman purchases ten acres through a fly-by-night company he found in a magazine ad. The property turns out to be a rundown ghost town—and the Munsters absolutely love it.

36. Hot Rod Herman Herman soups up the Monster Koach to compete in a drag race while Grandpa races in Dragula, his motorized coffin on wheels.
37. Herman's Raise Lily nags Herman to ask for a raise at work—he does, and is promptly fired. Rather than tell Lily, Herman pretends to go to work everyday while searching for employment.
38. Yes, Galen, There is a Herman Herman saves a young boy's life by bending back the bars that the boy's head is stuck in. The boy's parents think that Herman is a figment of the boy's imagination.
39. Herman's Child Psychology Eddie doesn't feel his family loves him because they don't treat him cruelly enough. Herman tries a bit of child psychology on Eddie, unfortunately the results backfire.
40. Herman the Master Spy A Russian fishing trawler snags a scuba-diving Herman and mistakes him for the missing link. Moscow thinks that Herman is an America spy.
41. Bronco-Bustin' Munster Not wanting to disappoint his son, Herman agrees to ride a horse bareback in a local rodeo. The promoters plan to have him ride a horse that no one has been able to ride.
42. Herman Munster , Shutterbug Herman accidentally snaps a photo of two escaping bank robbers. Fantasizing about a huge reward, Herman instead ends up with the bank robbers holding up with the Munsters until the heat cools down.
43. Herman, Coach of the Year Herman volunteers to be track coach at Eddie's school after learning that Eddie is the slowest kid in the school. Herman wreaks havoc with the shot put, discus throw, and pole vaulting. Meanwhile, Grandpa makes a magic speed pill for Eddie.
44. Happy 100th Anniversary Without telling each other, Lily and Herman take night jobs as welders in order to save money for their 100 th anniversary gifts. Wearing welding masks at work, Herman and Lily are unaware that they are flirting with each other.
45. Operation Herman Herman, who is mistaken for an accident victim and given laughing gas, visits Eddie in the hospital to have his tonsils removed. Returning home, Lily is convinced that Herman has been drinking.
46. Lily's Star Boarder Lily takes in a boarder to raise extra cash and immediately Herman thinks the roomy is a mobster. As it turns out the boarder is a police lieutenant.
47. John Doe Munster Herman loses his memory after having a safe dropped on his head. In order to have the courts release Herman, Lily has to adopt Herman as her son and treats Herman as Eddie's little brother.
48. A Man for Marilyn Grandpa plans to turn a frog into a prince for Marilyn and searches for a frog with poor vision so that he won't be put off by Marilyn's hideous looks.
49. Herman's Driving Test Herman is promoted to hearse driver at work—a promotion that requires Herman to obtain a drives license. Driving test hijinks ensue.
50. Will Success Spoil Herman Munster? Herman records a song on a tape recorder that ends up being played on a local radio station. The song becomes an overnight success, swelling Herman's head to even bigger proportions.
51. Underground Munster Spot runs away and is reported as a monster running loose in the sewers. Herman goes after Spot and is also reported as a sewer monster.
52. The Treasure of Mockingbird Heights While searching for the fuse box in Grandpa's dungeon, Herman finds a secret chamber that indicates that a treasure is buried on the property.
53. Herman's Peace Offensive Eddie and Herman are both bullied at school and work. Grandpa takes it upon himself to teach both of them how to box.
54. Herman Picks a Winner Herman sets out to teach Eddie a lesson about gambling by taking Eddie's piggy bank money and betting it on a horse—that comes in first! Herman gets tied up with organized crime.
55. Just Another Pretty Face Herman is struck by a lighting bolt from one of Grandpa's experiments and becomes horribly disfigured—i.e. we see how Fred Gwynne looks without his Herman Munster makeup on.
56. Big Heap Herman While on vacation, Herman wanders into an Indian village and is mistaken for an ancient Indian spirit.
57. The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World Using money that Lily inherited, Herman and Grandpa invent a process to transport electricity without wires. Meanwhile, Lily and Marilyn open a beauty parlor—with equally disastrous results.
58. Grandpa's Lost Wife A woman claims to be Grandpa's wife—and Grandpa swears he's never seen her before—until he find out that she's a millionaire.
59. The Fregosi Emerald Eddie finds a ring in the attic and gives it to his mom as a birthday present. Grandpa recognizes the ring as the Fregosi Emerald—a Transylvanian ring with a curse on it.
60. Zombo Herman is jealous of the attention that Eddie gives to ghoulish television host Zombo. Eddie wins a guest spot on the show and learns that Zombo is really a fake.
61. Cyrano de Munster

Herman's poetry lands him in hot water with Lily when a shy co-worker asks Herman to write poetry and love letters for him.

62. The Musician Grandpa transforms Eddie from a so-so trumpet player into a classical music prodigy. Having to perform in front of Herman's boss, Grandpa screws up the formula and turns Eddie into a jive talking, jazz-playing cool cat.
63. Prehistoric Munster Marilyn sculpts a bust of Herman and when her professor realizes the sculpting is of a living person, he's convinced he's found the missing link.
64. A Visit From Johann Dr. Frankenstein visits the Munsters with Herman's look-alike cousin, Johann. Johann acts more like the Frankenstein of the movies and Herman is tasked with teaching him English.
65. Eddie's Brother Eddie, yearning for a younger brother, ends up with a mechanical sibling built by Grandpa. The problem is that the Munsters give the mechanical boy more attention than Eddie.
66. Herman the Tire Kicker Herman buys a convertible for Marilyn from Fair Deal Dan. It turns out the deal was neither fair, nor a deal, when Herman is arrested for driving a stolen vehicle.
67. A House Divided Herman destroys a go-cart that Grandpa was building for Eddie. Tension build as Herman and Grandpa divide the house by painting a white line down the middle of it.
68. Herman's Sorority Caper Grandpa puts Herman in a trance in order to cure his hiccups. Fraternity pledges steal Herman's body, thinking it is a dummy, and place it in a local sorority house.
69. Herman's Lawsuit A car strikes Herman—Herman is fine but the car is totaled. When the lawyer offers Herman $10,000 (they think he was disfigured in the car wreck), Herman thinks they want him to pay $10,000 for the damages to the car.
70. A Visit From the Teacher Eddie reads a composition at School, “My Parents—An Average American Family,” and his teacher thinks Eddie has an overactive imagination—soliciting a visit to the Munster household.




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