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CARDS ONLINE: Cynthia Cummens Sketching in the Silver Age

by Jon Doyle

Cynthia CummensYou sit upright in your chair rhythmically clicking the refresh button on your browser as you watch the seconds tick towards zero. Pensively you wait for the final moments of the auction to see if you win your newest sketch card. As you wait you wonder— is this sketch card trend going to continue? The flood of over three thousand sketch cards a week on eBay, days after the release of Lord of the Rings: Evolution, indicates manufacturers will be tucking these mini works of art into packs for years to come. In the midst of the hysteria, fan-favorite sketch artist Cynthia Cummens took a break from her busy ‘sketch-ule’ to chat with us.

Cards Online: How did you discover Card Talk?

Cynthia Cummens: While working on Star Wars: Heritage, I wanted to learn more about sketch cards—who collects them, what other artists had worked on them, and the history behind them; so I went online to do some research. That’s how I found Card Talk.

CO: How does knowing you’re going to get feedback publicly on Card Talk impact your sketches?

CC: It’s a great community, very supportive and I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten. Collectors’ tastes vary greatly making it impossible to please everyone, but I think the love for what I do has come through in my work, no matter which set I’m working on, and collectors have responded well to that.

CO: You probably get great inside information about future sets. How do you keep both the manufacturer and information hungry collector happy?

CC: That’s a tough one sometimes! Of course, I’m always excited to announce which sets I’m working on, but it’s not until I get the green light from the companies that I can actually make announcements. It seems the community is usually two steps ahead and has more information about a set than I do! So I drop little hints here and there on Card Talk and on my website until I can make an official announcement.

CO: What are the highlights of your website: www.cynthiacummensart. com?

CC: I try to update it often with information about upcoming sets I’m working on. Currently you can view samples from each set I’ve drawn—Star Wars: Heritage,
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Lord of the Rings: Evolution, John Wayne and Three Stooges, as well as a gallery of personal sketch card commissions. My site
also features other professional illustration work, as well as the Star Wars art I’ve done and some children’s illustrations.

Cynthia Cummens art

CO: How has the Internet impacted your industry?

CC: It’s had a heavy impact on this industry. From a personal standpoint, it was
through Card Talk that I learned about companies like Rittenhouse and Inkworks. It’s also made research for photo references quick and easy. I think most illustrators are grateful for that since research is a large part of what we do. Being able to send art samples or finished work to clients through email frees up time for more work, time that would otherwise be spent standing in line at the post office! And obviously, the amount of exposure it provides to artists is unprecedented.

CO: What projects do you have in the works?

CC: Early this year I’m working on Family Guy Season 2 sketch cards and Wizard of Oz sketch cards. I’m also working on a few other sketch card projects
but I can’t mention those just yet. Additionally, I’ll continue to write and illustrate
drawing tutorials for And it looks as though I will be illustrating a book this year based on a well-known UFO incident. I will also be accepting private commissions, sketch cards or otherwise. Information about that is available on my website.

Cynthia Cummens art

CO: Thank you very much for your time and support of the hobby. Is there anything you’d like to add for your fans?

CC: I hope to meet more people in the sketch card community, collectors and artists alike. I [recently attended] Collectormania in Manchester, England, [and will be at] San Diego Comic-Con, Wizard World Chicago, and Dragon Con. My website will be updated with additional convention appearances in 2006 as they are scheduled. I also just wanted to thank everyone in the Card Talk community
for their kindness and support! Happy collecting, everyone!

Interview by Jon Doyle for Non-Sport Update; (c) 2006 Non-Sport Update; Posting of this article on other websites is prohibited.



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