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Updated March 13, 2016

Just Released

Dexter: Seasons 7 & 8 (Breygent Marketing)
The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
Fringe Season 5 Premium Collection (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
Garbage Pail Kids: American As Apple Pie in Your Face (Topps)
WWE Topps Road to WrestleMania 2016 (Topps)
The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson Factory Set (Unstoppable Cards)
My Favorite Martian (Unstoppable Cards)
VS System 2PCG: The Defenders (Upper Deck)
Legendary: A Marvel DBG Game: Captain America 75th Anniversary expansion (Upper Deck)

March 2016

Lady Death Icon (5FINITY)
Supernatural Seasons 4-6 (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
Star Trek: The Original Series 50th Anniversary (Rittenhouse Ar.)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 2 (Topps)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Sticker Albums (Topps)
Major League Baseball Wacky Packages (Topps)
Best of British Horror mini set teaser 1 (Unstoppable Cards)
Marvel Dossier Trading Cards w/ bonus necklace tags (Upper Deck)
Alien Anthology Trading Cards (Upper Deck)

April 2016

American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum (Breygent Marketing)
2016 James Bond Classics (Rittenhouse Ar.)
Chronicles of The Grim Reaper (RRParks CARDS)
Space 1999 - Series 1 (Unstoppable Cards)
VS System 2PCG: A-Force (Upper Deck)

May 2016

The Female Persuasion 5 featuring Pedro Perez's Trizia (5FINITY)
Bates Motel: Season 2 (Breygent Marketing)
Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series Five (RRParks CARDS)
Topps WWE 2016 (Topps)
Star Wars Evolution (Topps)
Star Wars Galactic Connexions Series 3 (Topps; Walmart Exclusive)
Marvel Captain America Civil War Trading Cards (Upper Deck)

June 2016

Game of Thrones Season 5 (Rittenhouse Ar.)
Warcraft (Topps)
WWE Undisputed 2016 (Topps)
Doctor Who Timeless (Topps)
UFO - Series 1 (Unstoppable Cards)
Legendary: A Marvel DBG Game: Civil War expansion (Upper Deck)

July 2016

Blood Drive: The Parody Collection (Dead of Night Entertainment)
Star Trek: TNG Portfolio Prints Series 2 (Rittenhouse Ar.)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Chrome (Topps)
Gerry Anderson's Stingray & Fireball XL5 Factory Sets (Unstoppable Cards)
David Bowie: The Man Who Fell To Earth New Edition (Unstoppable Cards)

August 2016

Star Wars Masterwork 2016 (Topps)
The Crow Board Game (Upper Deck)
Legendary Encounters Firefly (Upper Deck)
Legendary Big Trouble in Little China (Upper Deck)
VS System 2PCG: Alien Core Set (Upper Deck)

September 2016

Iron Dead Legends (Iron Dead Studios)
Gerry Anderson's Joe 90 & Super Car Factory Sets (Unstoppable Cards)

October 2016

Halloween: Witchcraft (Perna Studios)
Doctor Drek Monster Movie Horror Host (RRParks CARDS)
Monster Choke n Gag Series Three (RRParks CARDS)
Halloween Trick or Treat Series Four (RRParks CARDS)

November 2016

Frostbite (Dead of Night Entertainment)
Thunderbirds Series 2 (Unstoppable Cards)

December 2016

Basil Wolverton II: Wolverton's Women (RRParks CARDS)
The Complete Avengers (Unstoppable Cards)

American Horror Story Season 3: Coven (Breygent Marketing)
The Walking Dead Season 4, Part 1 (Cryptozoic Entertainment; Spring)
The Big Bang Theory Seasons 6 & 7(Cryptozoic Entertainment; Spring)
Orphan Black Season 1 (Cryptozoic Entertainment; Spring)
The Vampire Diaries Season 4 (Cryptozoic Entertainment; Spring)
Arrested Development (Cryptozoic Entertainment; Spring)
DC Comics Justice League (Cryptozoic Entertainment; Spring)
Ghostbusters (Cryptozoic Entertainment; Spring)
The Walking Dead Season 4, Part 2 (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
Supernatural Seasons 7-9 (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
Outlander Season 1 (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
Arrow Season 3 (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
The Flash Season 1 (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
The Art of Dan Allen: The Trading Card Collection (MHopOnHop)
Spellcasters II: Enchanted Realms (Perna Studios; Spring 2016)
Elementals (Perna Studios; Spring 2017)
Hallowe'en 3: The Witching Hour (Perna Studios; October 2017)
Classic Mythology III: Goddesses (Perna Studios; Spring 2018)
Project-M (Perna Studios)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Rittenhouse Ar.)
NCIS (Rittenhouse Ar.)
Tarzan (SideKick)
Valiant Comics (SideKick; Summer)
Marvel Masterpieces (Upper Deck)
The Crow Anthology Trading Cards (Upper Deck)
Big Trouble in Little China (Upper Deck)
Clerks Trading Cards (Upper Deck)

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