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When sending us corrections or additions please keep in mind the following:

  • Price changes need substantiation and we need to have evidence of several instances of a price on hand for us to feel a correction is warranted. For example: If you find a $10.00 card in a dollar box, then you've spotted a great find, but it is not something the next person should expect to use to gage a purchase. Thus, in the reason box below, you might say something like "Those boxes are readily available at shows and on eBay for $X.XX, not the value NSU is currently listing it for" or "That card is readily available at place A and place B for $X.XX, not the value listed in NSU. "
  • Your submission is a recommendation only and will be considered for inclusion in our price guide. Non-Sport Update does not guarantee that all submissions will be used.
  • Please do not suggest premiums for inclusion in the price guide. Premiums are cards that come with other items such as those found in cereal, candy, toys, action figures, etc. If you have found a newly marketed premium, though we will be unable to include it in the price guide, we hope you will let us know about it for our Finders Keepers department. Please contact us via one of the methods on our Contact Details page.
  • Unfortunately, we are also unable to list most foreign releases due to space limitations. We are only able to include those releases which have a good deal of distribution in the United States.

When completing the following form please try and give as much information as possible.

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