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Open That Box!

Open That Box!


May 30th is Non-Sport Update's tenth installment of Open That Box! day. We hope you'll participate.

What is Open That Box! day?
Let’s face it -- trading cards were meant to be seen, held, read, discussed, and traded; not kept in a box gathering dust. Open that box! day is Non-Sport Update magazine’s specially created day when collectors open a box of trading cards and share their experience with the non-sport collecting community at large.

What Can I Open?
You may open the latest box or premium pack, or that "special" vintage box that you've had lying about and you've been saving for a rainy day.

How Do I Participate?
On May 30, we invite you to open a box of cards. Pull that special box out of the back of your closet or purchase a new box or packs from your favorite retailer. Open the box and visit Non-Sport Update’s Card Talk web forum to tell the card collecting community what you got. We’ll have a special thread for everyone’s results. Try and make this a more meaningful experience by opening your box/packs with a friend or family member. Tell us about that, as well as why you chose this particular product and why this one means more to you then others. Take a couple of pictures or video and upload them for all to see. And hey, if you get an extra set, use the NSU Card Talk trading forum to trade with other collectors who are doing the same thing today.

What if I Don't Have a Box or Pack to Open?
You can purchase a box from your favorite hobby dealer. Or purchase one from one of the dealers in Non-Sport Update magazine or our retailers on NSU Card Talk.

Do I Have to Open a Box to Read the Entries?
No, anyone can read the entries on NSU Card Talk. Of course, it's much more fun if you also open a box or pack yourself!

We hope this day will be fun for all who participate.

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Other ways you can participate–
You may also take part in Open That Box! day by e-mailing your comments to us at Or by fax (717- 238-3220) or mail (NSU, PO Box 5858, Harrisburg, PA 17110).


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