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Allegiance: Avengers vs. X-Men — Our Marvel-Themed Issue! Upper Deck's Allegiance: Avengers vs. X-Men, Marvel Comic and Movie Trading Cards and more. ALSO INSIDE – Star Trek: Discovery, and much more.

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Price Guide

The 32-page A-Z Price Guide covers all relevant trading card releases from Agents of SHIELD to Xena Warrior Princess!


“Cardsmiths“ “Ancient

Cardsmiths Properties (6 different)


Ancient Egypt
(Long Dog Cards/RRParksCARDS)


Historic Autographs Review/Preview cards (15 different)

(Historic Autographs)

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Cosmic! Upper Deck's new space-themed series Cosmic will be features on our cover. Also inside: Just in time for the Dial of Destiny, a look back at classic Indiana Jones cards and much, much more!