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Our Current IssueBates Motel! Our current issue is your very own concierge desk at the Bates Motel. This issue looks at the upcoming Bates Motel Series 2 from Breygent Marketing. Plus, read about Sons of Anarchy Seasons 4 & 5, Sherlock Holmes Long Stories Vol. 1, Garbage Pail Kids 2015 Series 1, Supernatural Seasons 4-6, and Steve Jackson Games. And take a look back at the classic video arcade related trading cards of the 80s. Regular features include Promo Column, Cards Online, Beyond Non-Sports, and a complete list of upcoming card series. Our 32-page "Take Along" Price Guide provides the latest values for your collection and is included with every copy.

Here are the articles...
  • Editorial: House of Cards
    Don't let it tumble like dice.
  • A Tomb With a View
    You can check-out anytime you want but you can never leave.
  • It's All in the Game
    Get back to the arcade for some video card fun.
  • Non-Sport Spotlight: Steve Jackson Games
    NSU interviews the masters of dungeon crawling and brain eating.
  • Beyond Non-Sports: The Bro(ny) Code
    We answer the question: "Why Little Pony?"
  • Sweet Ride
    CZE's newest set is born to be wild.

Price Guide...

The A to Z price guide includes prices for the most popular series for all years from the late 1800s to today.

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Game of Thrones Season 4 Sons of Anarchy Seasons 4 & 5

Game of Thrones Season 4
NSU Exclusive
(Rittenhouse Archives)

Sons of Anarchy Seasons 4 & 5
NSU Exclusive
(Cryptozoic Entertainment)

Bates Motel Season 2

Bates Motel Season 2
NSU Exclusive
(Breygent Marketing)

The Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series 3
NSU Exclusive
Promo 1 thru Promo 10 randomly inserted at equal insertion rate

Next issue...

The Big Bang Theory! Sheldon, Howard, Penny, and the rest of the gang return to NSU's cover for our cover and cover feature on Cryptozoic Entertainment's The Big Bang Theory Seasons 6 & 7. Other features inside will look at Upper Deck's Dinosaurs, Rittenhouse Archives' The Avengers: Silver Age, Topps' Star Wars 3D Widevision Revenge of the Sith, and much more. The issue will contain promotional cards for Star Trek Voyager Heroes & Villains, and Arrested Development Trading Cards.

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