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Our Current Issue25 Year Anniversary Issue! Non-Sport Update has turned 25. We look back at the first 25 years in this very special issue. Artist Jeff Zapata has created a terrific original art cover for the issue. Celebrate with us! Inside the issue, you'll also read about Sleepy Hollow Season 1, James Bond Archives - 2014 Edition, Dexter Seasons 5 & 6, two new series from MHopOnHop and the classic Gilligan's Island cards. Regular features include Promo Column, Cards Online, and a complete list of upcoming card series. Our 32-page "Take Along" Price Guide provides the latest values for your collection and is included with every copy. Also available in a deluxe autographed limited-edition version.

Here are the articles...
  • Editorial: Anniversary Cards
    Something silver is happening at Non-Sport Update.
  • 25 Years and Counting...
    Roxanne Toser recounts the glory days of NSU.
  • A Show A Head of its Time
    Rudy Panucci heads off in a sleepy direction.
  • 25th Anniversary Congratulations
    Dot Com, Boba Fett, and more celebrate 25 years of NSU.
  • Rabbit Stew
    "Up Jump De Rabbit!" says Alan Biegel.
  • Double-O Wow!
    Sylvia Trench: "I admire your luck, Mr...?"
    Novinskie: "Novinskie, Charlie Novinskie."
  • Is Your Collection A Family Hobby?
    An apropos hobby chestnut returns for NSU's 25th.
  • Non-Sport University: The Rosetta Stone
    Dave Thompson finally explains how he learned the language.
  • Castaway Cards
    Arnold Bailey sets sail on a three-hour tour.

Price Guide...

The A to Z price guide includes prices for the most popular series for all years from the late 1800s to today.

Free promo cards
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Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Marvel Masterpieces

Sleepy Hollow Season 1
NSU Exclusive
(Cryptozoic Entertainment)

Marvel Masterpieces
NSU Exclusive
(Upper Deck)

Monsters & Maniacs Chronicles of The Three Stooges

Monsters & Maniacs
NSU Exclusive
Promo 2 and Promo 3
randomly inserted at equal insertion rate

Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series Two
NSU Exclusive
Promo 1 thru Promo 4 randomly inserted at equal insertion rate

Next issue...

15 Years of Rittenhouse Archives! Next issue, NSU celebrates 15 years of the company responsible for Bond, Trek, Marvel, Game of Thrones, and so many other key non-sport trading card releases. The issue will contain promotional cards for Dangerous Divas Series 2, Downton Abbey Seasons 3 & 4, DC Comics Super Villains, and The Melty Misfits Series 2.

(promo lineup subject to change; click on promo names in blue for a preview)
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