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Our Current IssueTopps' Doctor Who! The popular series is featured as one of two Collectible Covers for the June/July issue - the other being Ghostbusters. This issue examines Topps' Doctor Who Timeless trading card release, detailing the product and the autograph signers for the set. Also in this issue, Cryptozoic's Ghostbusters is finally out and it's mixture of imagery from the original film, sketch card inclusion and an autograph lineup that includes Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, director Ivan Reitman and others. Inside this issue, also read about Upper Deck's Captain America Civil War product, Cyrptozoic's Arrested Development ("Let 'em eat cards"), Remember Then, a feature detailing how the Hollywood stars of old are shining again in a classic collection, and the 1962 Topps-produced Mars Attacks release that continues to disgust and delight. Monthly columns include Non-Sport Notes, Cards Online, New & Noteworthy, Non-Sport University and the Promo Column.

Here are the articles...
  • Editorial
    New ownership, same great Non-Sport Update
  • Who's Next
    Topps Goes All Timey Wimey with DOCTOR WHO Timeless
  • Recrossing the Streams
    A Closer Look at Ctyptozoic Entertainment's Ghostbusters
  • Captain America Civil War
    The Shielded One and Counterparts Come to the Marvel Universe
  • "Let 'Em Eat Cards"
    Cryptozoic Entertainment Takes On Arrested Development
  • Still Attacking
    Some 50 Years After Release, Mars Attacks Remains One of the Most Impactful Sets Ever
  • Where No Man (or Woman) Has Gone Before
    Two NSU founders step away.

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The 32-page A-Z Price Guide covers all relevant trading card releases from Action Gum to Zorro!

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Set 2 Chronicles of The Grim Reaper / Chronices of The Three Stooges

The Walking Dead Season 4 Set 2
NSU Exclusive
P4 and P5 randomly inserted at equal insertion rates
(Cryptozoic Entertainment)

Chronicles of The Grim Reaper/Chronicles of The Three Stooges
NSU Exclusive
Promo Card 1 through Promo Card 4 randomly inserted at equal insertion rates

Outlander Series 1 Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series 5

Outlander Series 1
NSU Exclusive
P3 and P4 randomly inserted at equal insertion rates
(Cryptozoic Entertainment)

James Bond Classics
NSU Exclusive
(Rittenhouse Archives)

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Doctor Who Timeless! We're excited for our very first Doctor Who cover. Read about Topps new series inside. Plus Captain America Civil War, Game of Thrones Season 5, and Arrested Development. Plus each issue will contain one of six randomly-inserted promo cards with images from the classic 60s Batman card series presented in the 'Cryptomium' format from Cryptozoic Entertainment and a Game of Thrones Series 5 promo card from Rittenhouse Archives.

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