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Our Current IssueDC Comics: Justice League! Cryptozoic Entertainment's DC Comics: Justice League comes to Non-Sport Update's newest cover. Inside, read about the upcoming card series. Also inside -- coverage of Alien Anthology from Upper Deck, James Bond Classics from Rittenhouse Archives, and Major League Baseball Wacky Packages and Star Wars Evolution from Topps. Regular features include Promo Column, Cards Online, and a complete list of upcoming card series. Our 32-page "Take Along" Price Guide provides the latest values for your collection and is included with every copy.

Here are the articles...
  • Editorial: The UFOs Have Landed
    ...and, they are multiplying!
  • A League of Their Own
    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a whole lot of super heroes!
  • Heeeyyy Yabbbott!!
    So, Who is on first?
  • Non-Sport Neighborhood: Meet Marc Simon
    From trading cards to toothpaste tubes, here's a collector who dabbles.
  • Upper Deck Bursts Out with Alien Anthology
    Are you ready for an Alien encounter?
  • Topps Takes a Swing at Major League Baseball
    Play Ball!—Wacky style.
  • Where No Man (or Woman) Has Gone Before
    Two NSU founders step away.

Price Guide...

The A to Z price guide includes prices for the most popular series for all years from the late 1800s to today.

Free promo cards
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The Walking Dead Season 4 Set 2 Chronicles of The Grim Reaper / Chronices of The Three Stooges

The Walking Dead Season 4 Set 2
NSU Exclusive
P4 and P5 randomly inserted at equal insertion rates
(Cryptozoic Entertainment)

Chronicles of The Grim Reaper/Chronicles of The Three Stooges
NSU Exclusive
Promo Card 1 through Promo Card 4 randomly inserted at equal insertion rates

Outlander Series 1 Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series 5

Outlander Series 1
NSU Exclusive
P3 and P4 randomly inserted at equal insertion rates
(Cryptozoic Entertainment)

James Bond Classics
NSU Exclusive
(Rittenhouse Archives)

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Doctor Who Timeless! We're excited for our very first Doctor Who cover. Read about Topps new series inside. Plus Captain America Civil War, Game of Thrones Season 5, and Arrested Development. Plus each issue will contain one of six randomly-inserted promo cards with images from the classic 60s Batman card series presented in the 'Cryptomium' format from Cryptozoic Entertainment and a Game of Thrones Series 5 promo card from Rittenhouse Archives.

(promo lineup subject to change)
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