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Roxanne Toser's Consignment Auctions - 2015 #5 Below are the items in our fifth auction of 2015, ending October 4.


The auction rules are at the bottom of this page. You must be a registered bidder in order to participate in the bidding. To register, click here for our online submission form. If you bid in any of our previous 2006-2015 auctions, you will retain the same bidder number and there is no need to register again (be sure to let us know if you have moved since you registered). If you have misplaced your bidder number, there is an e-mail link on our online submission form page to e-mail us for it. Bidding begins October 2.

To bid, call us at 717-238-1936. Please see complete auction rules at the bottom of this page. E-mail bids ( will be accepted October 2 and October 3. On October 4, all bids must be made via phone (717-238-1936).

Item in blue may be viewed by clicking on the link. If there is more then one image for the lot, hovering over the item will reveal a link to the next or previous image in that lot.

Items in bold are new bids (updated since the previous update)

Updated Saturday, October 03, 2015, 22:55

Lot #


High Bid
Consigner #1
1. Arm & Hammer lot: Beautiful Birds #25, New Series Beautiful Birds #12, Useful Birds #24 & #30, Useful 2nd #17, Useful 5th #2, Church & Dwight Tree Sparrow (corner crease); Fish set of 30 #s 4, 10 & 25, set of 100 Rose Fish (G-NM) ($10)
2. Davy Crockett (Holsum Bread/1950s) Indian Fighter Pin (VG) ($5)
3. Lot: Cereal Cut-Outs (Post Toasties/1930s) Clarabelle Cow Hits a High Note, The Peanut Vendor, Horace Horse Collar Catches Through, Clarabelle Cow, (no title Goofy ? Blowing a Sax), Little Red Riding Hood, (no title Old Mother Hubbard), (no title Porky, another Pig & Little Red Riding Hood, Paddy Pig Blows a Mean Horn, (no title Pig/wagon showing Post Toasties boxes), The Big Bad Wolf, Clarabelle Cow Crooner, (no title Pig & Little Red Riding Hood playing a piano) total of total of 13 mostly EX ($50)
4. Lot: Mickey Mouse Cereal Cut-Outs (Post Toasties/1934) Side panel explanation, Mickey Leads/Donald Duck Follows, Minnie, What Little Elmer Really Wanted, Minnie The Ballet Dancer, Pluto The Trained Pup, (no title Mickey holding a dead bird?), The Maestro, Tap Dancer, Minnie Takes A Hand, Mickey The Magician, No Fishing, Mickey, Mickey (with a piano), Mickey (on skates) (15 diff.) (EX-NM) ($60)
5. Lot: Airplanes (Cameron Sales/1942) Bell P39, Douglas Dauntless Scout Bomber, Lockheed Ventura Bomber (EX) ; Aeroplanes album (civil) (John Player & Sons/1935) with 32 of 50 planes pasted in (VG); Spy vs Spy (Lime Rock/1993) Hologram #2 (NM) ; Bill Ward: 50 Years of Torchy (Comic Images/1994) 3 of 3-card subset (NM), 1, 4 & 6 of Omnichrome ; 1995 Fleer Ultra X-Men set of Hunters & Stalkers (NM) ($10)
6. Mickey Mouse's Treasure Hunt Game/seven pieces (Post Toasties/1935) (EX) ($25)
7. Mickey Mouse (Post Toasties/1935) two panels of three cards each (VG) ($10)
8. Nursery Rhyme Cards (Kellogg's/1940s) off of cereal backs: Mary had a Little Lamb, The man who walked a crooked mile (2), Monday's Child (crayon scribbling), Jack and Jill, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Mistress Mary, Little Bo Beep, The Queen of Hearts (VG-EX) ($20)
9. Orphan Annie Speedomatic Decoder Pin (1940) (NM) ($75) back of pin
10. Popeye Kite Fun Book (Western Publishing Co/1977); Popeye Fun 'n Games Bookles (Jiffy Pop/?) #s 2 & 5 (2) (NM) ($10)
11. Ty Cobb Milk Carmel Nut Bar Wrapper (Benjamin Card Co./1920s) perhaps the first ever baseball player candy wrapper and very rare (very crumpled & brittle/parts missing) ($100)
Consigner #2
12. Babylon 5 Ultra (Fleer/1995) 120-card base set (NM) ($50)
13. Batman (Topps/1964) orange backs (EX-NM) ($80)
14. Batman Puzzle A (Topps/1964) (VG-EX) ($60)
15. Combat I (Donruss/1964) 66-card set (EX-NM) ($75)
16. Creature Feature (Topps/1980) 88-card set (no stickers) (NM) ($10)
17. DC Comic Stickers (Arnold Harris/Sunbean/1978) 30-sticker set (EX-NM) ($25)
18. Dukes of Hazzard II (Donruss/1981) 66-card set ($25)
19. Flag Midgees (Topps/1963) 99-card set (NM) ($60)
20. John F. Kennedy (Rosan/1964) (NM) ($35)
21. Kung Fu (Topps/1973) 60-card set (NM) ($60)
22. Leave It To Beaver (Pacific/1985) 60-card set/wrapper (NM) ($35)
23. Man From U.N.C.L.E (Topps/1966) (EX) ($50)
24. Mod Squad (Topps/1969) 55-card set (EX-NM) ($75)
25. Outer Limits (Topps/Bubbles/1964) 50-card set (strong EX—no creases but black borders are tough) ($200)
26. Planet of the Apes (Topps/1975) 66-card set (mostly NM) ($40)
27. Power for Peace (Bowman/1954) 96-card set (most are NM but some are EX with slightly-rounded corners) ($125)
28. Power for Peace (Bowman/1954) 96-card set (EX) ($75)
29. Rat Patrol (Topps/1966) 66-card set (NM) ($75)
30. Six Million Dollar Man (Donruss/1975) 66-sticker set (EX-NM) ($30)
31. Smilin' Jack (Eppy/1942) 128-card set (G-VG) ($40)
32. Star Trek Cinema 2000 (Fleer/SkyBox/2000) 100-card base set + 9-card Female Guest Stars, 9-card Saluting Captains, 9-card Aliens World, 9-card The Dark Side (NM) & Star Trek IV (FTCC/1981) 60-card set (NM) ($25)
33. Star Wars I (Topps/1977) 66/11 (EX-NM) ($35)
34. Star Wars 11(Topps/1977) 66/11 (EX-NM) ($25)
35. Star Wars III (Topps/1978) 66/11 (EX-NM) ($25)
36. Star Wars IV (Topps/1978) 66/11 (EX-NM) ($25)
37. Star Wars Chrome Archives (Topps/1999) 90-card set (NM) ($10)
38. U.S. Presidents (Bowman/1952) 36-card set (EX-NM)($100)
39. U.S. Presidents (Topps/1973) 43-card set (NM) ($25)
40. "V" (Fleer/1984) 66-card set/wrapper (no stickers) (NM) ($15)
41. You'll Die Laughing (Funny Monsters) (Topps/1959) (Jack Davis art) (EX-NM) ($125)
Consigner #3
42. Doctor Who Trump Card Game in box (Jotaster/BBC/1978) (2) ($20)
43. Garbage Pail Kids 1 (Topps/UK/1985) smaller cards 88-stickerset including variations (NM) ($50)
44. Garbage Pail Kids 1 (Topps/1985) unopened pack--no price & no gum (2) (NM) ($40)
45. Kustom Cars (Fleer/1974) collapsed display box (seldom seen) some color missing but EX + 43 wrappers (there are three different images) ($65) one of the wrapper designs
46. Official Trading Cards (Topps/1956) display box probably used for Jets cello packs (EX) ($20)
Consigner #4
47. Civil War News (Topps/1962) 88-card set missing 6, 25, 32, 38, 42, 48, 78, 83 (VG-EX—no creases but rounded corners #88 is marked) ($200)
48. Funny Monsters (Topps/1959) Jack Davis art 66-card set missing 1, 2 and 20 has a tape tear on back--all have tape stains on back but otherwise fronts are overall EX/NM ($50)
49. Good Times (Topps/1975) 55 cards & 14 of 21 stickers (NM except rubber band stain on two sticker backs) ($30)
50. New Series of Beautiful Birds of America (Arm & Hammer/Church & Co./1890) set of 60 missing 22 & 57 beautiful cards (NM) ($100)
51. Wings (Topps/1952) 122, 135, 140, 141, 155, 156, 159, 169, 171, 174, 181 (VG) ($8)
Consigner #5
52. Conquest of Space (Cadet Sweets/1957) 50-card set (NM) ($10)
53. Cowboys (purple tint) Exhibits 32-card set (NM)($20)
54. Female Recording Artists Exhibit set of 32 (Loretta Lynn, Diana Ross, Connie Francis, etc.) (NM) ($20)
55. Phoney Ads (Mr. Foney's Funnies) (Leaf/1960) 72-card set pre Wackys (overall EX—as expected, many are miscut) ($100)
56. Funny Valentines, Giant (Topps/1961) 66-card set (NM—hard to find in this condition & with all back color matching) ($75)
57. Get Smart (Topps/1966) 66-card set (most NM – a few are miscut & should be replaced) ($150)
58. Good Guys/Bad Guys (Leaf/1966) 72-card set missing #50 (overall EX/many NM & a few VG/some backs are white & some are yellow—extra #73 printing error ($150)
59. Goofy Postcards (Topps/1957) unopened pack 5 cent (GAI 7.5 NM) ($30)
60. Indians Trading Cards (Fleer/1959) 80-card set (NM - #68 PSA 8) ($100)
61. James Bond (Philly Gum/1965) 66-card set (NM) ($80)
62. John F. Kennedy (Topps/1964) 77-card set (NM) ($60)
63. Johnson vs. Goldwater (Topps/1964) unopened pack ($10)
64. Marvel Super Heroes (Donruss/1966) 66-card set (EX-NM) ($150)
65. Monster Greeting Cards (Topp/1965) 50-card set of terrific R. Crumb artwork (EX-MT) ($150)
66. Planet of the Apes (Topps/1969) (green backs) 44-card set (EX-NM) ($75)
67. Robert Kennedy (Philly Gum/1968) 55-card set (NM scarce set)($100)
68. Spook Stories series I (Leaf/1962-65) 72-card set (EX-NM) ($60)
69. Superman (Topps/1965) 66-card set (mostly NM) ($100)
70. Tarzan (Philly Gum/1966) unopened pack ($25)
71. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Donruss/1964) 66-card set (overall EX) ($100)
Assorted Consigners
72. Comic Book Heroes wrappers (Topps/1975) (3 diff. side offers) (NM) ($10)
73. Disgusting Disguises wrapper (Topps/1970) (3) (NM) ($25)
74. Funny Travel Posters wrappers (Topps/1967) (3) (NM) ($20)
75. Mad-Ad-Foldees wrappers (Topps/1976) (3) (NM) ($10)
76. Monkees II, The wrapper (Donruss/1967) (yellow & blue) ($10)
77. More of the Monkees wrappers (Donruss/1967) (C) (3) (NM) ($15)
78. Star Trek wrappers (Topps/1976) (3 diff. side offers) (NM) ($10)
79. Lot 1: One wrapper from each of the above 8 titles ($25)
80. Lot 2: Wrappers: Flying Nun (Donruss/1968), Garrison's Gorilla's (Leaf/1967), Marvel Super Heroes (Topps/1976) (3 diff.), McHales Navy (Fleer/1965), Monkees (Donruss/1967) two small pieces missing (orange & yellow), Planet of the Apes (Topps/1969), Superman (Topps/1965), Three Stooges (Fleer/1966), U.S. Presidents (Topps/1972) (all NM except Monkees) ($65)
81. Bronco Bubble Gum (Allen & Regina/Australia) 13 wrappers showing cowboys, Indians, etc. (NM) ($40)
82. Champs Trading Cards (Champs/1992) beautiful promotional package in a folder with sell sheets and uncut 10-card sheets of American Vintage Cycles (4 diff.); 10-card sheets of Hi-Flyers (4 diff.); 4=card sheet of Top Pro Riders (NM) ($50) American Vintage Cycles | Hi Flyers | Top Pro Riders
83. Civil War News (A&BC/1965) 88-card set just like the U.S. set only cards are a little smaller (NM+) ($250)
84. Monster Laffs Midgees (Topps/1963) uncut panel 90, 2 & 98 in hard holder (EX) ($30)
85. Wacky Packages Puffy Magnets (1974) set of six Baby-Runt, Clammy, Peter Pan, Soft Head Bulbs, Blisterine, Sneer (NM) ($25)

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Items in bold are new bids (updated since the previous update)

Updated Saturday, October 03, 2015, 22:55

Auction Rules
Bidding begins Friday, October 2 and end Sunday October 4. You may bid by email, phone (717-238-1936), fax (717-238-3220) or mail until the day before the end of the auction. If the answering machine is on, please leave your bidding number, item number and the amount you wish to bid. On the day of the auction, only phone bids will be accepted. You must register (by any of the above methods) and receive a bidding number in order to bid. If you have previously registered for our 2006-2015 auctions, you will retain the same bidding number. Call or e-mail if you no longer have your number.

All items having only one bid end at 9:00 PM Eastern time on the last day of the auction. If there are two or more bids, bidding does not end until there have been no calls for a period of 30 minutes on a per-item basis. IF YOU HAVE NOT BID ON AN ITEM BEFORE 9:00 PM, YOU CANNOT BID AFTER 9:00 PM. We encourage early bidding. Bids must be raised by 10% on the last day of the auction and will only be accepted by phone. There is a 10% buyers' premium.

Please note: all items in these auctions have minimum bids, listed in parenthesis. The minimums are realistic in order not to waste anyone's time. We would really appreciate it if all bids were raised by at least $5.00 (unless otherwise stated) until the last day of the auction when bids must be raised by 10%. We reserve the right to withdraw an item at any time without explanation and only reasonable bids will be accepted at the discretion of the consigner even if the minimums are reached.

All of the conditions listed for unopened boxes are for the display boxes and not the contents inside. We have done the best we can on grading condition for all items and will not accept any returns due to condition so please bear this in mind when you bid. Please check your order as soon as it arrives. Claims for missing and/or wrong items are invalid after seven days from receipt of package.

Postage and insurance are extra and will be determined at the end of the auction. Payments should be made to Non-Sport Update. Checks, money orders, all major credit cards and PayPal are acceptable. Canadian and overseas payments must be made by credit card or PayPal. For those with email addresses, we send invoices within two days of the end of the auction. We would appreciate it if those who do not have email addresses would call two or three days after the end of the auction to find out if they have won and to make payment arrangements. All payments must be received within 10 days of notification.

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