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What is UBBCode"?

UBBCode" tags allow you to add formatting (bold, italics) and other information (emails, URLs) to your messages without learning HTML!

Infopop is the originator of this simplified markup for message board posts. Although they are called UBBCode" tags, they work the same way whether you are using UBB" software or the OpenTopic" application. The name is a reference to Infopop's first product, the UBB", for which the code was created in 1998.

Why use UBBCode" tags rather than HTML?

  • They allow you to add formatting to your posts even when the message board administrator has disabled HTML.
  • If you use a UBBCode" tag incorrectly, you can't break anything (unlike HTML, which can result in errors).
  • They are much easier to learn than HTML.
How do I use UBBCode" tags?
There are two different ways you can apply UBBCode" tags:
  1. Type the actual tags into your message. They all work in the same manner as regular HTML tags; you simply enclose the text you wish to affect between the opening and closing tag.
  2. Click on one of the Instant UBBCode" buttons within the posting interface (an easy dialogue box will open).
Whichever method you use, the formatting will be applied when you submit your message.

What can I do with UBBCode" tags?
The following is a list of current UBBCode" tags and their functions, with examples. The tags are in red.

Formatting Your Message

Bold - TAG: [b][/b]

You can make sections of your message bold by encasing them within these tags (or using the Instant UBBCode" 'bold' button). This can be used with the italics tag for extra emphasis.

Italics - TAG: [i][/i]

You can italicize sections of your message by encasing them within these tags (or using the Instant UBBCode" 'italics' button). This can be used with the bold tag for extra emphasis.

You can use the list tags (or Instant UBBCode" button) to create three different types of lists: bulleted, numbered, or lettered.
Unordered, bulleted - TAG: [list][/list]
Start each list item with [*]. There is no end tag necessary. Results in:
  • This is the first bulleted item
  • This is the second bulleted item
Ordered, numbered - TAG: [list=1][/list]
Results in:
  1. This is the first item
  2. This is the second item
Ordered, lettered - TAG: [list=A][/list]
Results in:
  1. This is the first item
  2. This is the second item

Quote - TAG:

You can reference something specific that has been posted by copying and pasting the text within the [quote] tags or using the Instant UBBCode" 'quote' button. The software will automatically block and indent the text to set it apart from the rest of your message. It's easiest to copy the text you wish to quote before you open the 'post reply' or 'new topic' box.

Code Snippets - TAG: [code][/code]

This tag (or Instant UBBCode" button) allows you to preserve the formatting of programming code within your message. Similar to the [quote] tag, it automatically blocks and indents the information.

Adding Links in Your Message

URLs - TAG: [url][/url]

No tag necessary for this one! The software recognizes URLs when you type them. If you just need a little help, you can still use the Instant UBBCode" button that says 'URL' to get you started. For the auto-linking to work, UBBCode" must be enabled and you must type in one of the following prefixes with the address: http://, www, ftp, or https.

<FONT FACE="Verdana" SIZE="2">[url=]Infopop Official Website[/url]</FONT>...appears in your message as... Infopop Official Website

Linked URLs will open in a new window when someone clicks on them.
Do not use quotation marks within the URL tag.

Email Addresses - TAG: [email][/email]

If you use this tag (or Instant UBBCode" button), the email address you type will be automatically hyperlinked within your message.

Images - TAG: [img][/img]

If you use this tag (or Instant UBBCode" button), the image you type will automatically appear within your message. You must include the http:// portion of the URL for this code to work properly. Note that some Web sites disable this tag to prevent objectionable images from being posted.

Additional Tips for Using UBBCode" tags:
  • Do not use HTML and UBBCode" tags to perform the same function in the same message.
  • UBBCode" tags are not case-sensitive (thus, you could use either [url] or [URL]).
  • Do not put spaces between the bracketed code and the text to which you are applying the code.
  • You must use the UBBCode" tags in pairs---each must have a start and end tag in order to function correctly.
  • When you use the Instant UBBCode" buttons, the code is automatically placed at the end of the reply box contents; if you need to include UBBCode" tags within a block of text, you will have to manually type the code itself.
UBBCode Quick Reference

UBBCode Tags

Bold [b][/b]
Italics [i][/i]
Unordered, bulleted [list][/list]
Ordered, numbered [list=1][/list]
Ordered, lettered [list=A][/list]
List item [*]
Quote [quote][/quote]
Code Snippets [code][/code]
URLs [url][/url]
URL with name [url=]name here[/url]
Email Addresses [email][/email]
Images [img][/img]

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