Non-Sport Update's Card Talk


You can flag any post and add it to your notification list by using the PopIt tool. On your subscription page you may edit your subscriptions or delete them. You can also edit your preferences directly from the email you receive from the UBB application.
You can request immediate email notification, daily or weekly email digests, or online notification in the MyPop Subscription page.

Using the PopIt! tool you can track the following:

  • New Topics in a Forum - find out when a new topic has started
  • Replies to Topics - track topic replies
  • Members - follow your selected members' posts within the community

1. Topic Title.
2. Topic Starter User Name
3. See notification options
4. Edit notification options
5. Delete topic
6. Remove all subscriptions
7. Suspend all subscriptions
8. Click here when you have made all your entries and/or changes.

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