Non-Sport Update's Card Talk


1. This will show your avatar. The image must be no larger than 48 x 48 pixels and can be static or animated.
2. All these images are hosted here and are free for your use.The *Next link will take you to some more images to choose from.
3. After picking an image from the selections on the right, click the button above to confirm it. You will also click this button after entering a custom avatar URL.
4. If you don't want an avatar, click here.
5. If you prefer a custom avatar, you will need to host it yourself on your own web page or server. Many web hosts give you free space when you sign up and there are also several free hosting sites on the Internet. Check with your ISP or do a websearch for further
information. You may also search Card Talk as this subject has come up several times before. Once you have uploaded an avatar to your own space, click here to open the custom URL box below (6).
6. After typing in the URL (Example:, you can hit the preview button to see it in the avatar image box (1) above. It won't be saved until you click the "Select This One" button (3).
7. Click "Cancel" if you want to start over or do not want to commit the changes you have made.