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Non-Sport Update
Volume 9, Number 3

Cover Date: June-July 1998.
Originally Issued: 05/98.

NSU Vol. 9, No. 3

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: On The Right Track, More Or Less
    It's quality, not quantity, that counts the most.
  • Alive, From New York...It’s Godzilla
    Inkworks gives us a really “big” card set on the new Godzilla movie.
  • Sign of Approval
    Expect more autograph madness with the second volume of Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • The Truth Is Out There...Somewhere
    But for now, the new The X-Files Movie card set from Topps is one big mystery.
  • A Fun Day At Fleer
    We found lots of good—and unusual—stuff in the company’s archives.
  • Superman At Sixty Happy Birthday, Man of Steel!
    NSU takes a look at his career in cards.
  • The Big Green Secret
    Makers of new Godzilla action figures are keeping things hush-hush.
  • Marvel-ous Makeover
    Fleer/SkyBox tries to revitalize its Marvel license.
  • Isolation Booth
    This vintage set recalls the game show craze of the fifties.
  • Inkworks: Makes A Permanent Mark On The Non-Sport Hobby
    A profile on one of the hobby’s leading entertainment card companies.
  • An Interview with Major Don West
    He’s not “lost.” You’ll see him in the movie.
  • South Park
    Bathroom jokes, obnoxious wonder this TV show is a huge hit!

Free Promos:

The X-Files Zorro
The X-Files
above is numbered promotional card 1; both promotional card 1 and
promotional card 2 were randomly inserted

Star Trek: TOS 2
Star Trek: The Original Series 1967-68
Season 2


Marvel Creators Collection '98 Godzilla
Marvel Creators Collection '98

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