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Non-Sport Update
Volume 8, Number 5

Cover Date: October-November, 1997.
Originally Issued: 09/97.

NSU Vol. 8, No. 5

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: Turning Back the Clock
    These days, it seems like everything old is new again in non-sports.
  • Groovy Man
    Dig those crazy sets of the sixties.
  • Retro Rockets
    A wave of card sets with nostalgia themes have rejuvenated the hobby.
  • On The Right Track
    Choo, Choo! Here comes the Lionel Trains card set from DuoCards.
  • Cornering The Market
    The nostalgia craze has been good for business at Cornerstone Communications.
  • Live From New York...
    Wanna be a TV star? Then visit this new interactive theme restaurant in Manhattan.
  • The Fabulous Fabian
    Fame was fleeting for this teen idol of the late fifties.
  • Behind the Scenes at the 18th National
    Bob Byer hold the key.
  • Toying Around With TV
    Classic TV characters have been the subject of numerous action figure lines.
  • Young At Heart
    Card whiz Sy Berger celebrates 50 years at Topps.
  • Have A Nice Day
    Disco, sci-fi and jiggle TV? Sounds the seventies to us.
  • Monster Mash
    Horror card collectors have had many "terror-ific" sets to choose from.
  • Sock It To Me
    Remembering the Laugh-In TV show and card set.

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The Outer Limits Melrose Place
The Outer Limits
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Melrose Place
(Sports Time)

Lionel Trains
Lionel Trains
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