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Non-Sport Update
Volume 8, Number 3

Cover Date: June-July 1997.
Originally Issued: 05/97.

NSU Vol. 8, No. 3

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: The Second Time Around
    Rediscovering a favorite childhood collectible.
  • Men In Black
    Lowell Cunningham's comic-book creation makes it to the big screen.
  • Three's Company
    Come and knock on our door...
  • The Story And Cards Of The Outer Limits
    In 1964, Topps gave us a card set based on this spooky TV show.
  • Me Tarzan, You Collector
    The Lord of the Jungle has swung his way through numerous card sets.
  • All That Glitters...
    So you think you can get rich buying and selling non-sport cards? Think again.
  • The Bumpy Road To Success
    Decipher's collectable card games are a big hit, but success did no come easily.
  • Movie Madness
    Bob Sodaro provides a sneak peek at three sets based on this summer's hottest films.
  • Metal Magic Makes Quite An Impression
    Metallic Impressions finds its niche in the non-sport hobby.
  • A Piece Of The Action
    Star Trek action figures are Number 2 and trying harder.
  • The Merchandising Invasion Begins
    Mars Attacks movie spawns lots of neat collectibles.
  • Dressed To Kill-Again
    Seventies rockers KISS make a trading card comeback.

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Men In Black

Star Wars Trilogy Paul Pope Presents THB and More
Star Wars Trilogy
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Paul Pope Presents THB and More
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Star Wars Vehicles
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