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Non-Sport Update
Volume 8, Number 5

Cover Date: February-March 1997.
Originally Issued: 01/97.

NSU Vol. 8, No. 1

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: Hello, It's Me
    Greetings from our new editor.
  • The Beat Goes On (and on and on)
    Thirty years later, Wacky Packages remains an all-time favorite.
  • The Wacky Genius of Jay Lynch
    Bernie Mertes profiles the incomparable Jay Lynch.
  • Wacky Wannabes
    Many card and sticker sets have been inspired by Wacky Packages.
  • Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
    Change is not always for the better.
  • Man On The Moon Cards
    A sixties set that was out of this world.
  • Author! Author!
    A famous San Francisco bookstore offers trading cards of popular authors.
  • Have You Got Promo Fever
    Every Star Wars, Star Trek and X-Files promo known to mankind.
  • Bondage: Diary of a Card Series
    The making of the new James Bond Connoisseur's Collection.
  • Ride 'em Cowboy
    The Old West as seen by card makers past and present.
  • Non-Sport 101
    A refresher course on classic card sets from decades past.

Free Promos:

Ken Kelly Stickers X-Men 2099
Ken Kelly Stickers
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X-Men 2099
(Comic Images/

James Bond Connoisseur's Collection Volume Two Star Wars Trilogy
James Bond Connoisseur's Collection Volume Two
Star Wars Trilogy

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