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Volume 7, Issues 1 - 6 (1996).

Non-Sport Update, Volume 7 covers

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Vol. No. Cover Promos
Issue 1 Star Wars vs. Star Trek
•  Garfield Chromium
•  Star Trek: Reflections of the Future Phase One
•  Batman Master Series
•  Return of the Jedi Widevision
Issue 2 The X-Files
•  Barb Wire
•  Amalgam
•  WildStorm Archives II
Issue 3 Melrose Place
•  The Phantom
•  Twister
•  Flipper
•  Star Wars Finest
Issue 4 Shaquille O'Neil/ Kazaam
•  Kazaam
•  Shadows of the Empire
•  Melrose Place
•  The Frighteners
•  The Crow: City of Angels
•  Independence Day Widevision
Issue 5 Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
•  The X-Files Season Three
•  James Bond Connoisseur's Collection Series One
•  Witchblade Trading Cards
Issue 6 Mars Attacks (movie)
•  Mars Attacks! Widevision
•  Marvel Ultra Onslaught
•  Universal Monsters of the Silver Screen
•  Wild West - The Art of Mort Kunstler
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