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Non-Sport Update
Volume 7, Number 6

Cover Date: December 1996-January 1997.
Originally Issued: 11/96.

NSU Vol. 7, No. 6

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: A Fond Farewell
    The changing of the guard.
  • Attack Of The Killer Card Series
    First it was a card series and now it's a movie.
  • Cereal Thriller
    Star Wars in Canada.
  • Superman Cards
    The single guy.
  • Captain Janeway: Gender Equality On Cards
    She's a Starfleet commander but don't leave a message on her answering machine!
  • Everything But The Kitchen Sink...Kitchen Sink's Universal Monsters Set
    A great era in film-making.
  • Holiday Wishes
    All the wishes aren't jolly.
  • Seeing the Light With Dark Shadows
    Nearly 10 million viewers couldn't be wrong.
  • 3-D Cereal Cards Of The 1950s
    There's more to life than 3-D comics.
  • The Final Word On The Final Frontier...Part 2
    It's every bit as good as Part 1.
  • Stuck On Artwork
    You'll be stuck on these stickers.

Free Promos:

Mars Attacks! Widevision Marvel Ultra Onslaught
Mars Attacks! Widevision

Marvel Ultra Onslaught
NSU Exclusive
above is numbered 9 of 9; both 9 of 9 and 8 of 9 were randomly inserted

Universal Monsters of the Silver Screen Wild West - The Art of Mort Kunstler
Universal Monsters of the Silver Screen
NSU Exclusive
(NSU logo on back)
Promo 3 of Six
(Kitchen Sink Press)
Wild West - The Art of Mort Kunstler
(Keepsake Collections)

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