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Non-Sport Update
Volume 7, Number 3

Cover Date: June-July 1996.
Originally Issued: 05/96.

NSU Vol. 7, No. 3

Articles in this Issue:

  • Just A Trend Or Something More?
    Does Comic Images know something we don't?
  • A Place In Your Collection
    The new Melrose Place set from Sports Time.
  • Collecting The Older Cards
    No chase cards, no super-duper cards, but lots of fun.
  • Wrapping It Up
    Wrapper King John Neuner calls it quits.
  • Remembering Space Cards and the Space Race
    Space cards, Target Moon, Sputnik, the Russians...
  • On With The Shows
    A look at shows across the country.
  • A Munchkins Looks At The Wizard Of Oz Cards
    Follow the yellow brick road to these classic collectibles!
  • Truly Collectible!
    Limited edition prints from Zanart add a whole new dimension to collecting.
  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not
    NSU profiles card sets about Robert L. Ripley and his discoveries-believe it or not!
  • Get Ready For The Latest Martian Invasion
    Those guys with the big heads and the nasty dispositions are back again.
  • Whatever Happened To Milk Caps
    Why did the market for milk caps suddenly dry up?
  • A Touch Of Class From Acme Studios
    With sets like artists and architects, Acme Studios gives a new meaning to non-sports.
  • The Force Is With Us-Again!
    A new Star Wars set from Topps.
  • Fun With Foldees
    Fold them this way and that way.
  • Civil War Art Cards
    Comic Images launches a new division with a set about the War Between the States.

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