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Non-Sport Update
Volume 5, Number 6

Cover Date: November-December 1994.
Originally Issued: 11/94.

NSU Vol. 5, No. 6

Articles in this Issue:

  • Once, Then and Now
    The original award is still the best!
  • Crown Jewels
    Comic Images tribute to the King.
  • Kung-Fu-The Show and Its Cards
    Scott Thomas profiles another affordable classic.
  • Magic Candy Wrapper Discovered!
    Steve Kiviat makes another magical find.
  • To San Diego Comics Con and Back to Reality!
    A hobby veteran speaks his mind.
  • The Origins of Comics Cards-Part 3
    Captain Marvel's cartophilic debut.
  • "Welcome Back Kotter:" Stardom for Travolta
    A "Sweat Hog" transcends his teacher.
  • Non-Sports at the National: 1994
    Bill Mullins tours America's biggest card show.
  • Cornerstone to Release First Monty Python Set
    The BBC wrecked Gwen Dibley's shot at immortality!
  • The Case of the Greedy Dealer
    Use trading card clues to solve this mystery.
  • Peter Max: Unique Cards from a Very Special Artist
    New card set spotlights a "Pop Age" icon.
  • Artists Add Unique Talents to Fleer's Ultra X-Men '95
    Marvelous illustrators create fabulous set!

Free Promos:

Popeye Tekno Comics Phonecard
above is numbered 1 of 4 and 4 different promos were inserted
(Card Creations)

Tekno Comics Phonecard
(Big Entertainment)

Joe Jusko's Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection Star Wars Widevision
Joe Jusko's Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection
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Star Wars Widevision

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