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Non-Sport Update
Volume 5, Number 4

Cover Date: July-August 1994.
Originally Issued: 07/94.

NSU Vol. 5, No. 4

Articles in this Issue:

  • Variety is the Spice of Life!
    The name of the Non-Sport game is diversification.
  • My Favorite Martians
    The Invasion collaborators tell all!
  • Rocky Cards
    Yo, Topps, what happened to Rocky I?
  • Magic: The Gathering - New Game In Town
    Magic: The Gathering - Action and Reaction!
    You can really play games with these cards'
  • Star Trek Master Series
    SkyBox continues to forge its own &"Trekie&" tradition.
  • Legend Has It...
    A cartophilic myth is exploded once and for all
  • PEP Photos
    Kellogg's &"small&" cards are &"big&" in demand!
  • Julie Bell - A Model
    Artist Harris Toser interviews a rising star.
  • The Rare Card Nobody Wants
    Collectors, show some respect for the flag!
  • Remember Those Max Headroom Cards?
    Once scarce, now somewhat common, still fun.
  • Cardenstein
    It's a monstrously-funny tale from Russ Roberts!
  • The Origins of Comic Cards - Part II
    Comic characters were a big hit on the 1930's cards.
  • Calling All Card Collectors
    Collectible phone cards? You better believe it!
  • The Greatest Card Show
    An invitation to visit for all collectors.

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