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Non-Sport Update
Volume 5, Number 1

Cover Date: January-February 1994.
Originally Issued: 01/94.

NSU Vol. 5, No. 1

Articles in this Issue:

  • Pricing Charlatans
    Supply and demand determine prices, not magazines.
  • William Shatner Speaks
    A Trek actor turns to Tek writing!
  • Falling Through The Cracks
    Some advertised sets never got produced.
  • Tests That Are Fun
    A special class of cards reviewed.
  • The Marvel Of Fleer
    The future is now as Marvel-owned Fleer starts production.
  • Hey Buddy, Want To Buy A Bridge?
    A mere $15 puts you in the cartophilic toll booth.
  • ComicFest '93
    Fabulous Philly cardcon better than advertised!
  • So You Want To Get Rich Doing A Licensed Movie Set!
    Roxanne's research may keep you out of the poorhouse.
  • Charlie's Angels
    Did you really buy them for your daughter?
  • Start The Day With A Good Breakfast
    Cereal with cards is truly food for thought.
  • Transformers
    Jim Trever finds a blister pack bonanza of toy cards!
  • It's Pronounced You-Day-Men
    A candid interview with Nelson.
  • Lights! Action! Camera!
    Do the best movies make the best card sets?

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