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Non-Sport Update
Volume 4, Number 4

Cover Date: October-December 1993.
Originally Issued: 10/93.

NSU Vol. 4, No. 4

Articles in this Issue:

  • Seventh Annual Parsippany Show A Smash/Farewell To A Great Hobby
    Two major events at the same location.
  • Autos of 1977
    This 16-year old set is gaining new fans.
  • Mars Attacks!...They're Baaack!!!
    And you thought you'd never find No. 56!
  • The Daze of the Living Dead
    Some price zombies can't get their facts straight.
  • Holy Cartoon! It's the Batman Animated Set!!
    Hot TV show, hot trading cards...Russell Roberts reports.
  • National Geographic World
    Collecting this set is not an easy matter.
  • Tanks for the Memories
    Another Amazing "Story Behind The Card."
  • Had Gun Did Travel
    He traveled to St. Augustine.
  • Creating A New Universe
    Dynamic Entertainment's "Big Bang" due in November.
  • Ahoy Matey!
    Shiver me timbers, it's the best of the worst!
  • Non-Sports At The National
    Our ace reporter wore out a pair of shoes!
  • Wild Men And Legends
    The old West had plenty of both...and they're on cards.
  • The Great War
    One of the many strip card subjects.

Free Promos:

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Creators Universe
above is unnumbered and different cards were inserted
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Batman The Animated Series, Series Two
above is unnumbered and different cards were inserted
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