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Non-Sport Update
Volume 4, Number 1

Cover Date: January-March 1993.
Originally Issued: 01/93.

NSU Vol. 4, No. 1

Articles in this Issue:

  • Non-Sport Update Likes To Be First!
    We serve you by being the best in the business!
  • &"The Wrapper&"—Against All Odds
    Les Davis has a successful non-sport publication... but he didn't plan it that way.
  • The Birth and Death of Superman
    Have we seen the last of The Man of Steel?
  • The Scoop on "Scoops"
    Russell Roberts examines a classic 1950's set.
  • Pepper in the Footlights
    We may not know anything about them today, but these famous actresses wowed our grandparents way back when.
  • The Gummies: 1992 Collector's Choice Awards
    The results are in for the only collector-driven awards in the Non-Sport industry!
  • A Collector's Gift
    A special message from one of our readers.
  • The Collector's Guide to Mars Attacks
    Are you an &"Attack&" fanatic? You are, if you can add to Steve Kiviat's list of Mars Attack collectibles!
  • Non-Sport in New York:
    The Tosers Tour Topps...How a dream became a reality.
    The Magic of SkyBox Disney Cards…NSU gets the scoop.
    Elvis—&"The King of Collectible Cards&"...Elvis sightings reported everywhere…and that's just what The River Group had in mind.
    On The Sidewalks of New York... Really!…Non-Sport Update has a Wall Street connection.
  • Only the Best Can Be Champs!
    Who else but the best would &"prism&" our NSU cover?
  • The World of Space Patrol Trading Cards
    Forget the chex; the premiums are in the mail.
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