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Non-Sport Update
Volume 3, Number 4

Cover Date: October-December 1992.
Originally Issued: 10/92.

NSU Vol. 3, No. 4

Articles in this Issue:

  • Dumping Reaches Toxic Levels
    A curse for dealers but a blessing for collectors?
  • Petition
    Fill this out if you agree.
  • Basil Wolverton
    A comic genius and his work are surveyed by Jeff Pace and Robert Gin.
  • Indiana Jones
    Epic film adventures translates well to cards... Scott Tomkowiak explains.
  • An Interview With Starline Inc.
    A poster company turns its hand to producing trading cards.
  • The Gummies: 1992 Collectors' Choice Awards
    Don't miss the chance to select your favorite manufacturers and products of 1992.
  • Desert Storm Update
    The war ended but the list goes on...
  • Collecting by Computer
    Robert Hutchinson gives us a big &"byte&" of the computer card scene.
  • Comic Book Artist Creates Card Masterpieces
    Russell Roberts talks to Joe Jusko about his future in trading cards.
  • All The President's Cards
    Bill Mullins leads this cartophilic parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

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