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Non-Sport Update
Volume 3, Number 3

Cover Date: July-September 1992.
Originally Issued: 07/92.

NSU Vol. 3, No. 3

Articles in this Issue:

  • An Environmental Problem
    "Dumping" messes up the hobby for everyone.
  • Funny Card Challenge
    Our readers come up with some crazy titles and a neat piece of artwork.
  • Batman Returns…Again
    This summer's blockbuster movie will bring us even more cards and stickers of the Caped Crusader!
  • A Desert Storm Compilation
    Richard Burwell summarizes the Desert Storm issues
  • Sitting Bull: The Last To Surrender
    The leader of the Ghost Dancers is profiled by Dick Weston
  • Wings Bubble Gum Cards
    A popular art form captures a slice of aviation history.
  • Space Cards
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...Jim Trever explains.
  • James A. Sullivan: An Early American Olympian
    Bob Doyle never dreamed that his grandfather once appeared on a trading card!
  • Virginia Hobby Supply Is On The Fly
    Stamps and Cards are a winning combination.
  • A Counterfeit Alert
    Collectors beware! First fakes invade non-sports hobby!
  • Non-Sport Promotional Cards
    If you're going to collect 'em, you better start now!
  • Race Cards: From Nowhere To Eternity?
    This could be called from famine to feast!
  • The Gummies: 1992 Collectors Choice Awards
    It's time to start thinking about picking your favorites.
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