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Non-Sport Update
Volume 3, Number 1

Cover Date: January-March 1992.
Originally Issued: 01/92.

NSU Vol. 3, No. 1

Articles in this Issue:

  • Welcome To Toxic High School And The Topps Company, Inc.
    We're glad we graduated years ago!!!
  • How Now Non-Sports?
    Stockbroker Gordon Burns speaks and everybody should listen.
  • The Adventures Of Captain Non-Sport
    Ima Collector gets some timely help from the Caped Card Crusader.
  • The Story Behind The Card
    The back of a card can be as important as the front!
  • Monogram Model Cards
    Help solve the mystery.
  • Cruising The Galaxy With The Crew Of The Enterprise
    Russ Roberts takes a tour of the Star Trek universe.
  • Non-Sports Underground
    They're not just for everyone... Dean Williams gives us details.
  • The Wide World Of Non-Sports
    A comic strip by Carole Sobocinski.
  • Superhero Cards Go &"Cosmic&"
    Robert Sodaro reviews a new set by Impel
  • Auctions
    A hot topic examined by Dick Weston and some actual auction results directly from Lelands.
  • Non-Sport Update Gives You A Piece Of The Rock
    An introduction to Lime Rock International.
  • New Names
    The results of Dick Weston's survey.
  • The Collectors Choice Awards
    Find out if your favorite won a prestigious Gummie Award!
  • Funny Card Challenge
    Editor Chris Benjamin challenges you and you and you.
  • 1991: The Year In Review
    Bill Mullins surveys a most incredible year.
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