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Non-Sport Update
Volume 24, Number 5

Cover Date: October-November 2013.
Originally Issued: 9/13.

NSU Vol. 24, No. 4

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: The Untouchables
    Run! It's the invasion of the iPod people!
  • Ack! They're Back!
    Those little green men are back for a brand new attack in Mars Attacks: Invasion; PLUS exclusive Joe Jusko interview.
  • A Tour of Topps
    NSU visits one of non-sports' most prestigious addresses.
  • Non-Sport University: Use It or Lose It!
    Stash 'em, dust 'em, box 'em up.
  • Monster Flip
    If you flip for creatures of the night then this is the Halloween treat for you.
  • CZE's Triple Treat
    A perfecta trifecta coming from Cryptozoic Entertainment.
  • Monster Maker
    For Robert Aragon art is Universal.

Free Promos:

The Walking Dead Season 3 Set 1 Women of Marvel Series 2

The Walking Dead Season 3 Set 1
NSU Exclusive
NSU 1/2
(Cryptozoic Entertainment)

Women of Marvel Series 2
NSU Exclusive
(Rittenhouse Archives)

Fringe Seasons 3 & 4 The Art of Robert Aragon/td>

Fringe Seasons 3 & 4
(Cryptozoic Entertainment)

**Please note: Our cover states a Fringe Season 5 card is inside but the card is the Season 3 & 4 promo card show above.

The Art of Robert Aragon
NSU Exclusive
(MNS Cards)

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