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Non-Sport Update
Volume 23, Number 2

Cover Date: April-May 2012.
Originally Issued: 3/12.

NSU Vol. 23, No. 2

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: Philly Friendly
    The card show is just the beginning.
  • Universal Theory
    Beauty meets the brains in CZE's nerdalicious new series.
  • Beyond Non-Sport: Getting A (Kung Fu) Grip on Action Figures
    Think action figures are really different from non-sports? Think again.
  • Top TV?
    It's not always in the cards for TV's best.
  • The Lady is a Vamp
    Get bewitched and bedeviled by this sexy sequel set from Breygent Marketing.
  • Trains, Planes, and Video Games
    It's "Game On" for Twin Galaxies' high-scoring homage to video games.
  • Nobody Does It Better
    "My dear girl, there are some things that just aren't done, such as drinking Dom Perignon '53 above the temperature of 38° Fahrenheit. That's just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs!"

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