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Non-Sport Update
Volume 20, Number 5

Cover Date: October-November 2009.
Originally Issued: 9/09.

NSU Vol. 20, No. 5

Variant Cover:
Chicagoland Star Wars Tribute '09 Cover
(Limited to 500 copies)
NSU Vol. 20, No. 5 Variant Star Wars Tribute 09 Cover

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: Settling The Score
    We will serve no article before its time.
  • What a Difference a Year Makes
    This is a good thing!
  • Keep Reaching for the Star (Wars)
    NSU’s production manager tells of the best show premium yet—one from the heart.
  • Cheap Treats
    The "S" in NSU is for Savings. Read the web exclusive portion of "Cheap Treats" here.
  • Non-Sport University: When Is Collecting Not Collecting?
    OK, so it’s not collecting. Is it?
  • Cutting Edge Clone Wars
    The Stars are at War again in this Widevision set from Topps.
  • The Price Is Right
    Here’s something new: price guide nostalgia.
  • Friendly and in the Neighborhood
    …and he catches thieves just like flies.

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Variant Issue Promo:

Star Wars '09 tribute
Star Wars Tribute



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