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Non-Sport Update
Volume 20, Number 2

Cover Date: April-May 2009.
Originally Issued: 3/09.

NSU Vol. 20, No. 2

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: King Cons
    These shows are so big they can’t be CONtained!
  • Apocalypse Now
    The future begins in Terminator Salvation from Topps.
  • The Wolverine Cometh
    Marvel’s hairy hero is back in this new movie adaptation.
  • Non-Sport Spotlight: Steven Moffat—Top Doc
    Doctor Who’s new TARDIS pilot tells NSU why he wants to romance the casual viewer. Plus Julie Garner, Naoko Sato, and Eve Myles talk about their über-popular Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood.
  • Non-Sport University: Why Do We Do This?
    Snatch the card from my hand, grasshopper.
  • Crossing Over: Cards, Comics, Collectibles
    Find out how to open your collecting horizons beyond non-sports.
  • Have Cards Will Travel
    Collect cards while you brighten your whites.
  • Beauties by the Box
    NSU presses the Bench for what’s hot at Bench Warmer.

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