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Non-Sport Update
Volume 2, Number 3

Cover Date: July-September 1991.
Originally Issued: 07/91.

NSU Vol. 2, No. 3

Articles in this Issue:

  • Mistakes, Errors, Variations & Attitudes
    Collecting card bloopers should be fun!
  • Personal Memories Of The National Sports Collectors Conventions
    Our "Managing Editor's" debut article.
  • Strange True Stories
    Jeff & Bob Marks spotlight a classic thirties set.
  • Inventory Computer Software Programs That Can Work For You
    Computer itemizing of collections or stock makes good sense.
  • For Whom The Hobby Tolls
    "The Collector" visits a recent non-sport convention.
  • What Do I Collect Next?
    Theme collecting across the spectrum of non-sport sets.
  • Desert Storm — The Most Popular Non-Sports Sets Ever?
    Large and small card producers rush to satisfy demand.
  • Captain Non-Sport
    The hobby's superhero makes an "invisible" visit!
  • You Great Big Beautiful Doll
    Pin-up cards by Mutoscope have a loyal following.
  • California Happenings
    Color photos.
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