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Non-Sport Update
Volume 2, Number 1

Cover Date: January-March 1991.
Originally Issued: 01/91.

NSU Vol. 2, No. 1

Articles in this Issue:

  • Hobby Fact and Fiction
    Sometimes yesterday's treasure turns into today's trash.
  • Dart Flipcards
    How Dart impresario Dino Frisella got back into cards.
  • What! No Little Twist Ties Or Plastic Bags?
    A trip to the bread aisles of yesteryear.
  • American Indian Chiefs
    Jefferson Burdick reviews a classic American set.
  • Captain Non-Sport
    Introducing the Superhero of Non-Sports!
  • Mars Attacks — Living In Infamy
    Artist Rick Lovelace tells how Mars Attacks influenced his work.
  • The Top Ten Non-Sports Cards
    You'll be surprised by the cards that don't appear on this list!
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