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Non-Sport Update
Volume 13, Number 3

Cover Date: June-July 2002.
Originally Issued: 05/02.

NSU Vol. 13, No. 3

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: A Tribute to Wally Wood
    While doing some spring cleaning, our editor discovers a small treasure.
  • Star Wars: Episode II—Attack of the Clones
    Yes, fans, The Topps Company has even topped themselves with their latest and greatest series in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.
  • Artbox Paints a Successful Non-Sport Picture
    We opened the Artbox (Entertainment Company) and found lots of goodies inside! Read about the company, Dragonball Z, Powerpuff Girls, and more.
  • Bondbastic! Rittenhouse Celebrates 40 Years of Bond-age
    How can you pack 20 films and 40 years' worth of the world's greatest super-spy into a single card set? See for yourself in Rittenhouse Archives' new James Bond 40th Anniversary Trading Cards set.
  • John Travolta: Stayin' Alive in Non-Sports
    America's favorite Sweathog-turned-disco-king-turned-alien has worn many hats in his career, but never a baseball cap. So how could he have a "rookie" card? Find out here!
  • The Great Monster Scare of 2002
    Double trouble! Inkworks investigates ghostly foes in their new Scooby-Doo movie cards and battles unearthly aliens with their new Men In Black 2 set!
  • Philly Pictures
    What happened at this Spring's Philly Show? Find out in NSU's photographic display.
  • Guard Those Cards!
    NSU salutes the Army National Guard with a review of a patriotic set that features those brave men and women.
  • Bladin'
    Inkworks has cast their spell on a new set of Witchblade trading cards based on the TV series. Explore the magic, the mythology, and more!
  • The Original Star Wars
    The Lucas and Topps team has been creating Star Wars magic for a quarter-century. Relive the sets from the early days, before holo-foil, costume cards, or film-cels.

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Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones The Complete Star Trek Voyager
Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones

The Complete Star Trek Voyager
(Rittenhouse Archives)

Scooby-Doo Battle of the Planets
Battle of the Planets
(Dynamic Forces)

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