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Non-Sport Update
Volume 13, Number 2

Cover Date: April-May 2002.
Originally Issued: 03/02.

NSU Vol. 13, No. 2

Variant Cover:
NSU Vol. 13, No. 2 Variant Lexx Cover

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: Some Anniversaries to Remember... Maybe
    Our sentimental editor is always looking for any reason to celebrate.
  • The King With the Sting
    Inkworks' new Scorpion King set will "Rock" your world!
  • Soupy Sales
    No, this isn't a report about how many cans of chicken noodle have been sold. It's about the wacky 1960's comedian and how he's back in the non-sport limelight again.
  • The Gunsmoke Set That Could Have Been....But Never Was
    Marshal Dillon himself couldn't have rounded up a bigger posse of stars than we have in this fantasy set.
  • Butt-Ugly Is Only Skin Deep
    Ugly is only skin deep, as this hot new kid's set from Comic Images will show.
  • Topps' Spider-Man Movie Cards Swing Your Way in April
    Put down your comic books, web-heads. Topps' newest movie card set will make your spidey-sense tingle!
  • LEXX: The Story Behind the Story
    Weathering the storm, Dynamic Forces' long-awaited LEXX set finally sets sail.
  • The Complete Babylon 5: Classy Sci-Fi Gets a Fitting Tribute
    Fans of Babylon 5 will love what Rittenhouse Archives has in store for them!
  • Which Blade?
    One of the highlights of this Dynamic Forces release is an Inkworks card!?! Turn the page to find out.

Free Promos:

LEXX Spider-Man Butt-Ugly Martians
(Dynamic Forces)


Butt-Ugly Martians
above is numbered P3; Promotional cards P1 and P2 were also randomly inserted.
(Comic Images)

Witchblade Disciples of the Blade The Scorpion King The Complete Babylon 5
Witchblade Disciples of the Blade
(Dynamic Forces)
The Scorpion King
The Complete
Babylon 5

(Rittenhouse Archives)

Variant Issue Promo:

LEXX Witchblade Disciples of the Blade Battle of the Planets
labeled NSU Exclusive
(Dynamic Forces)
Witchblade Disciples of the Blade
(Dynamic Forces)
Battle of the Planets
(Dynamic Forces)

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