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Non-Sport Update
Volume 11, Number 6

Cover Date: December 2000-January 2001.
Originally Issued: 11/00.

NSU Vol. 11, No. 6

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: Here We Go Again
    Millennium, schmillennium. Read about the world's most unlikely card collector: your humble editor's wife.
  • Roswell
    Inkworks exposes the real story behind that little New Mexico town in their latest card series.
  • Auction Works
    Ever tried an online auction? See how this service helps the Power Sellers manage those thousands of transactions with the help of experienced collectors.
  • The Road To Redemption
    Redemption cards. Are they a boon or a bust to collectors? And how do the manufacturers really feel about them?
  • Star Trek Cinema 2000
    Fleer/SkyBox creates the ultimate Star Trek movie card collection.
  • Charmed To Finally Meet You
    Inkworks is about to remove the spell from their long-awaited Charmed series and release it to its hungry fans.
  • Working the Web
    James Brown may be the hardest working man in show business, but Robert Kohlbus is the hardest working collector on the Web.
  • Wizards, Magic—And The Hunt For Cards
    Upper Deck packs a double shot of excitement with two new releases: Cardcaptors and Wizard in Training.
  • A Grinch of an Idea
    A perennial holiday rascal finally makes it to trading cards thanks to Dynamic Forces' grinchy new set.
  • Candid Card Conversations
    Non-sport legend Len Brown chats about his life at Topps and some of the all-time classic card sets he helped create.
  • Zoning In On a New Twilight Delight
    Is it deja vu? No, my friend. Rittenhouse Archives brings us once again into that land of shadow and substance with...Twilight Zone—The Next Dimension.
  • A Test You'll Like
    Don't worry. This is one test you won't take issue with!

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