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Non-Sport Update
Volume 11, Number 2

Cover Date: April-May 2000.
Originally Issued: 03/00.

NSU Vol. 11, No. 2

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: Top 10 Reasons To Collect
    Snappy answers to silly questions like, "Why do you collect those things?"
  • "I" Popping
    Careful—Topps new 3-D Episode 1 cards are so realistic they could poke your eye out!
  • Galaxy Fallacy
    Learn the secret behind the rarest Yoda promo card in the galaxy.
  • Always Prepared...To Collect
    A tribute to an American institution—the Boy Scouts.
  • Another Opening, Another Show
    And now, direct from Broadway. Playbill cards.
  • From Here to Obscurity—Card Sets From tile Edge
    If obscurity was money, these sets would be pure gold.
  • Cards Across the Water
    Think you have problems tracking down chase cards? Try doing it from Scotland!
  • Sailor Moon—A New Star From the Land of the Rising Sun
    The next Japanese invasion will be led by teenage girls in miniskirts!
  • Jokémon—Gotta Spoof 'em All
    Get revenge on those little Pokémon imps thanks to Parody Cards Ink.
  • Farscape Costume Cards From Real Costumes
    Rittenhouse Archives cuts up with some unusual chase cards.
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