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Non-Sport Update
Volume 11, Number 1

Cover Date: February-March 2000.
Originally Issued: 01/00.

NSU Vol. 11, No. 1

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: Viva la Resolution
    No more putting it off. It's time to start sticking to those New Year's promises.
  • It's A Charmed Life
    In this article, we conjure up all the bewitching details on Inkworks' newest offering, witch is sure to cast a spell on you!
  • Future Shock
    In the future, card sets will collate themselves!
  • By Design
    Discover the unknown secrets of the masterminds of trading cards—the designers.
  • Of The Rittenhouse Archives
    NSU hooks the newest fish in the non-sport pond—and it's making quite a splash.
  • Wax Packs Exposed
    Pack it in! This exposé will help you finally answer that age-old question, "Should I or shouldn't I open that pack?"
  • Mighty Marvel Makes Move To Topps
    The Topps Team and the Marvel Men join forces to become the newest power in the card universe.
  • The High Cost of Collecting
    "Why, back in my day, a pack of cards only cost a nickel!" Find out what's been happening since then, old timer!
  • Wrap It Up
    In this story, we rap about wrappers, and we don't mean Chuck D or Kid Rock.
  • What A Day For A Daydream
    Here are some subjects that are just dying to be captured on cardboard.
  • Women of Star Trek In Motion
    Captain Kirk always got the alien babes—now you can too. Check our Rittenhouse Archives' collection of curvaceous cuties that move!

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