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Non-Sport Update
Volume 10, Number 6

Cover Date: December 1999-January 2000.
Originally Issued: 11/99.

NSU Vol. 10, No. 6

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: NSU—Official Non-Sport Magazine of the New Millennium
    Our editor gets a little misty-eyed as he reminisces about 1999.
  • To Be Or Not To Be...Sports or Non-Sports? That Is The Question
    WWF Report
    WWF Smashmags
    In the Ring with Wrestling Cards

    We positively, absolutely, finally answer the burning question...well, maybe.
  • Are Your Cards Y2K Compliant?
    Here's some food for thought that might give your brain indigestion come January 1st!
  • The Star Trek Collective
    KLM's new CD-ROM is packed with more stuff than a cargo bay full of Tribbles!
  • The Last Great Non-Sport Event of the Millennium
    Lots of fun. Lots of pictures. Everyone being Wacky. What more could you ask for?
  • Twilight Zone Premiere Edition
    Rittenhouse Archives crosses the thresholds of time and space by capturing Rod Serling's classic sci-fi TV show on cards.
  • Space: 1999
    Well, the future is now. How close did the 1976 Donruss series come to hitting the mark with its predictions?
  • Living Indie in a Corporate World
    Ever wanna produce your own card set? Read about three guys who did just that.
  • The World Is Not Enough
    Super gadgets, beautiful women, and ruthless villains! Inkworks' 007 set has 'em all!
  • Stuck On The Gummies
    A behind-the-scenes look at the coveted non-sport awards event.

Free Promos:

The Twilight Zone: Premiere Edition James Bond The World Is Not Enough
The Twilight Zone: Premiere Edition
(Rittenhouse Archives)

James Bond The World Is Not Enough

Star Trek: Voyager, Closer to Home WCW Embossed
Star Trek: Voyager, Closer to Home
WCW Embossed
above is numbered P1; promotional cards P1 and P2 were randomly inserted

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