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Non-Sport Update
Volume 10, Number 4

Cover Date: August-September 1999.
Originally Issued: 07/99.

NSU Vol. 10, No. 4

Articles in this Issue:

  • Editorial: Chicago, Chicago That Toddlin' Town
    Our roving reporter/editor travels to the Second City for a first-rate show.
  • New Card Formats: Non-Sports or Nonsense?
    Explore the new card formats. Will they catch fire in the hobby, or just fizzle out?
  • Magnum P.I.
    Flash back to murder and mayhem in exotic Hawaii with Donruss' 1983 set starring hunky Tom Selleck.
  • Click Away—The Non-Sport Way!
    Sites to see...on the web.
  • Obscurity is the Mother of Collection
    Horrors of War, Mars Attacks, who cares? Wait 'til you see my collection of French accordion players!
  • Star Wars Celebration—A Modern Day Woodstock
    Get a first-hand look at Denver's Star Wars Celebration festival—two days of peace, love and X-Wing fighters!
  • What? Me Collect?! More Trash From MAD!
    Discover what Alfred E. Neuman's been smiling about all these years.
  • Unsolved Mysteries of the Non-Sports Universe
    Alan Biegel looks into odd cards and quirky turkeys. Maybe somethings are not meant to be understood.
  • Pokémon Conquers The World
    Yesterday it was Pac-Man. Today it's Pokémon. It's the phenomenon that's sweeping the country faster than you can say "Pikachu!"
  • Elvis Sighted!
    No, not at a 7-11 in Seattle, Inkworks' new Elvis Platinum Collection is the real thing, baby.
  • Trek's Past Meets Its Future
    Talk about new formats in non-sports! Here's something new and fresh for Trekkies to enjoy.
  • They Used To Call Them Sample Cards
    These rare cards were once a salesman's best friend. Now they're hot collectibles.

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Elvis The Platinum Collection
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